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Aunt Julie's water feature is nicer

This morning on the way out the driveway Greg pointed out a skunk as it made its way under the trees in front of our house.   Yikes, now I have to worry about skunks and Vivian!  Vivian hasn’t met anything she is afraid of yet, so if she sees a skunk I am afraid she will run toward it and while her recall is good for a 15 week old poodle, it is not fool proof by any means.  Luckily our yard is very large; we do have a section fenced in and when we are outside of the fenced area Greg and/or I are always with them and not anywhere near where we saw the skunk as that was close to the road.  Last weekend Viv saw her first deer, as two were in the soybean field and quite close to the house.  She looked rather startled when she barked her baby bark at them and they took off across the field.  Lots of people around here are having bear sightings in their yards, even in town.  It is because it has been so dry and there are no berries for them to eat.  We haven’t seen any out by our house, which is just fine with me.  I don’t need big black bundles of fur; I have Vivian and she is enough.

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