Poodle People, Cookieman and Bitlit

If I could just get out there, I know I could catch it!

I think poodle people are a unique bunch.    I  am on a google group for poodle people or people who own poodles, or breed poodles or show poodles or just plain love poodles.  Some of my poodle list friends I have “known” for over 13 years and when they leave the group,  I miss them.  The group is less active now then it use to be as I think more people use facebook or other social media rather than the old fashioned email lists.   I sometimes miss the old group, because the debates that occurred were always interesting and often hilarious.    “Feed raw or not?” was one that came around quite often and always spurred passion.  I fell squarely in the not category, this former home economics teacher is wildly afraid of raw chicken, but never got in the middle of that one.  In fact most debates I stayed out of, since as the lowly owner of one pet poodle I could not speak definitively on anything other than poodles are smart and really cute.  Since everyone on the list agrees with that I can’t get any real debates going.  I once met up with one of my poodle friends in Washington DC for dinner.  My husband was my beau at the time and he wasn’t entirely thrilled that I was going to meet a man I met on the internet called “Cookieman”!  It was of course ok, I knew he was bringing Mrs. Cookieman and I knew virtually hundreds of people who knew Cookieman. We talked poodles, they brought cookies, and the only thing better would have been if the Cookieman poodles had come along! 

   Recently a group member nicknamed Bitlit passed away.  I wonder if she knew how many people she touched with her encouragement, her thoughts and her funny sense of humor?    Bitlit would have been happy that I got Vivian; she would have told me that life goes on and I deserved to have another poodle.  She would have been right, she usually was.