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Here I come Mom!

Working on recall has been fun.  I want to be sure that Vivian comes when called every time, as that was an issue that my poodle Anna had.  Anna liked to run and when she was running there was no coming back until she tired out or someone cornered her.  I clearly remember a not so fun run through Shaker Heights Ohio early one morning as Anna checked out the new neighborhood.  Another romp was through the fields at Greg’s house years ago.  Greg was convinced that he and his Golden Retriever Jack, could get Anna to stay with them, and come when called.  So he unleashed her and then proceeded to chase her through the fields before finally trapping her in his mother’s garage, one long farm field away.   I know that it was my fault not working with Anna enough when she was young on recall and I certainly don’t want to make that mistake twice.  That being said, every time we go outside we work on recall.   Viv is doing great, and the first five times she comes to me like a poodle with wings and does her funny little Mary Lou Retton sit right in front of me.  The sixth time?  Well she is a poodle and the sixth time she looks at me with a look that says, “I did it five times, you know I can do it, I am tired and won’t do it again.  Now I am going to go chase this butterfly please leave me alone.”

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