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Recall, grooming and Vivian

I am constantly amazed at how quickly Vivian learns things.  This week she learned recall.  Of course she is not perfect yet, but she does come when called and will also go to Greg when he calls her.  She runs like the devil to get to me and then takes a little “jump” and plop she is sitting in front of me.  What can I say?  This girl likes to stick her landings!   She also learned how to climb on the couch (poor Ike, his safe place is gone) and she finally has the “off” command concept.  So at lunch she ran to me when I called; sat and recieved a  treat.  Ran back to Greg, then turned around and waited for me to call her again.  Poodles are smart.   So now we are going to have to work on coming when called for praise and no treats or at least no treats everytime.   This weekend we are venturing into the grooming arena…tackling my very first puppy nose and paws clip.  We shall see how it goes.   I bought new grooming posts for the table so she won’t be able to get away from me and hurt herself…they are pink; no surprise there.  Well maybe I was a bit surprised that you can buy grooming posts in pink….what isn’t surprising is that I bought them but I had to, they match my pink clippers.  

Drying off on Dad's chair

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