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A fun week!

Might be time for a swim!

Vivian had a week of fun and learning and meeting new people.  Grandma came and Vivian decided that hanging out under Grandma’s chair was  a good place to be.  Both she and Ike liked  having someone with them 24/7, so Monday may come as a bit of a shock when it is time to go back to the old routine.  Aunt Dr. Nan visited too and brought treats of both the puppy, adult dog and people kind.  She has a magic laundry basket that always comes carrying goodies.  Friday we loaded up puppies and people and headed to Nisswa MN.  Yes, that is where we picked up Vivian just a month ago, but it also happens to be the home of Cousin Jane and her people and we needed to deliver Mom to my brother’s house.  Viv continues to be a good car rider and Ike rode as close to Grandma as he could get all the way there…wasn’t until the ride home that I realized we have a seat divider in the back that would have helped out Mom a bit.  Am hoping she has feeling back in her arm by now!  Cousin Jane is a tiny little thing, but fierce.  She showed Vivian how to manuever stairs, and how to play in the water feature.  Viv and Ike now want a water feature in their yard.

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