Grandma’s coming!

Vivian and Ike resting up for visitors!

This week is all about preparing for Grandma and Aunt Dr. Nancy coming to visit the pups.   Nan is a veterinarian so Vivian I am sure will get the once over and no doubt be declared perfect.  My mom loves standard poodles and was pretty much owned by a poodle from around 1965 until 2007 when her beloved Emma died.  Emma was Mom and Dad’s retirement poodle and went from motorhome, to house in the country, to Arizona, to cabin, to house in town with equal parts of ease and charm.  As long as she had her ball and blanket she was a happy girl.  I really do think that is the charm of a standard poodle; as long as their people are happy and they are with their people, they are happy.  Not to mention they are attention hounds and love to be looked at and petted by all they meet.  Vivian isn’t old enough yet to go out in public, but she is learning how to walk on a leash so that she is prepared for her first walk in town.   In the meantime, I see some Grandma lap sitting in her future!