Little Vivian is teething and therefore has had a tough few nights.  Friday and Saturday nights she has woken up at 3:30 AM and found it hard to go back to sleep.  When Vivian is not sleeping, nobody is sleeping!   When Greg and Ike were up with her, she got to rest on the couch next to Ike and that seemed to calm her down.   While up with me she just wanted to play; I must say Greg is definitely the dog whisperer in our household!   One of my poodle friends, actually a human owner of a poodle not one of the poodles, told me about freezing a wet dishcloth and giving it to the puppy to chew on.   This seemed to work well, except that Ike is convinced it is a “treat” and takes it away from Vivian to chew on himself!  So now I am freezing two dishcloths!  Yesterday Viv slept quite a bit and I found myself waking her up to go outside and play puppy games.  Seems a shame to wake a sleeping puppy, but it worked as last night we were only up once with her.  I am proud to say that she is learning “come” and when I say “kennel up” she runs to her crate in the bedroom, jumps in (literally, this girl has gymnast in her pedigree) and looks at me expectantly.  Crate training is your friend, really. 

I need a trim and a brush out