13 weeks and growing

Vivian is 13 weeks old today.  She went to the Veterinarian on Tuesday and was amazingly good…I don’t know why I was amazed, she is a poodle after all!  She is 19 lbs…I swear this girl grows before my eyes!  Pretty soon I won’t be able to scoop her up when she decides she just isn’t going to come in when I call her, so this week we are focusing on recall.    Last night Vivian experienced the garbage man bark.  Yes, Gentle Ike who really is quite quiet absolutely hates the garbage truck and when it is still up the road he begins to bark at it; a loud deep bark that always surprises me!   Last night he took Vivian by surprise, she jumped up ran across the living room floor jumped up onto the ottoman and immediately took another leap onto my shoulder.  If it had been a gymnastics meet she would have won a gold medal for execution and difficulty!   I don’t know who was more surprised by her jumping ability; Greg, Vivian or me!  Ike didn’t notice, he was too busy barking at the garbage men!

In Aunt Julie's garden