A new year with my best boy Ike

ike on vacationI would like to dedicate this blog to the quieter member of the Puppyjackpot household, Ike.   Ike is a four and a half-year old Golden Retriever who quite frankly deserves a medal for being Vivian’s big brother.   Ike was trained by his older poodle sister Anna;  I honestly cannot remember potty training him, teaching him any commands or ever, ever disciplining him.   The first time he was left out of his crate while we went to town, he completely shredded a pillow.  We came home to a living room full of feathers and Anna on the couch, not a feather on her with a look on her face that said “I told him it was a bad idea”.  Pushover’s that we are, we just laughed.   That was the only toy/pillow he ever destroyed.

Ike adores anything plush.  Pillows and stuffed toys are treated with respect, well-loved and moved about the house regularly.  He must have a pillow or toy in his mouth every time he greets us at the door, or goes outside.  He dutifully drops it at the door, grabbing it again upon re-entry.   He also loves Greg’s tennis shoe or socks, never chewing them up, simply carrying them around. Ike and his pillow

Ike is also a smiler.  It can scare the uninformed who think he is snarling, but he is not; he only wrinkles up his nose when he is happy.  He understands when we say “Give me some wrinkles!” and will run up to us smiling and tail wagging!   There is nothing better than coming home after a day at work to a smiling, pillow toting Golden Retriever at the door.

Ike was not much a barker.  Anna did the barking for him; Ike was two when she died and he took over that task.  He has a deep growl and a big bark and uses it on the garbage men, the UPS driver, and the occasional logging truck that drives by the house.   Luckily he doesn’t bark long or often and I have no problem with people being aware that there is a big dog in our country house.  Of course what they don’t realize is that as soon as they come to the door he will be greeting them with wrinkles, a plush toy and tail wagging standard poodle bringing up the rear!

We got Ike in Canada and always refer to him as our peace-loving Canadian dog!  He is a lover, not a fighter.  He adores Greg,  doesn’t like  guns,  thinks mice are icky, and  lets a 40 lb poodle boss him around.  Ike and I have a lot in common.

Wishing you all sweet dreams and a warm place to rest your head in 2013! Wishing you all sweet dreams and a warm place to rest your head in 2013!