Time for School

In my last post I said that summer was all about FUN and this summer was.  So much fun that I haven’t blogged since June!  Well September is here and it is time to get back to it!

A quick summer update.   Vivian, Ike and I enjoyed a few fishing outings with Greg in the new boat.  It is so nice to have more room and wow can that boat go fast!   Ike and I prefer a more sedate boat ride, but Viv is all about the speed and the wind in her ears!

In August my sister brought my Mom to Warroad.  We have determined that if we want rain, we need to invite Nan to visit as of course the one weekend it rained this summer was the weekend she was here!  Same thing happened last year.  Mom stayed for a week and the dogs were in heaven.   The last time Vivian saw Grandma and Aunt Nancy she was three months old, and this time she demonstrated what a good girl she had become.  She discovered that Grandma had no issues with a 45 pound lapdog and took advantage of that quite often!

Later in August Greg, the dogs and I headed over the border to a cabin on the other side of Lake of the Woods for a week.  Canada is the most dog friendly nation!  The pups adjusted well, and enjoyed boating, hanging out on the deck and sleeping on the bottom bunk!   Unfortunately, due to algae issues we were not able to take them swimming, so learning to swim is still on Vivian’s bucket list!

On Peggy’s bucket list was getting Vivian certified as a Therapy Dog.   Not an easy task  for a gal who doesn’t drive and is 2.5 hours away from the nearest training facility!   Lucky for me, my friend Jayne and her pup Chloe were interested in doing this too, so next Thursday we are headed to Bemidji for our first Therapy Dog class!  It is fall and Vivian and Peggy are headed to school!   We are excited, a bit anxious, somewhat nervous but mostly excited….Vivian gets her new “back to school” haircut on Tuesday and we are good to go!   That should provide me with some fun things to blog about…in the meantime we need to work on our down/stay!