Summer Fun

Lots of people have told me that they just love puppies and really miss that time when their dog grows up.  I guess I am not one of those people.   I loved my puppies and I believe that all puppies are cute, but as I look at Vivian and Ike, I don’t long for the days of puppyhood.    Perhaps it is because I can still remember getting up in the night, or cleaning up after I ignored a puppy cry for one minute too long.  I just think adult dogs who can do stuff with you are so much fun.  And this summer we are having fun! 

So far in June Vivian has enjoyed a lot of new adventures.  She has gone fishing a few times, visited the nursing home and walked the bike path.   She enjoys sharing an ice cream cup with Ike and is happy to go for a ride to town, even when it doesn’t involve ice cream or boats.   She still loves playing in the hose as much as she did as a puppy, and last night Greg brought home a new swimming pool for the dog yard, so we will see if she likes that or if it just reminds her of a bathtub.   I am sure as soon as she sees Ike spend some time in it, she will be all about the swimming pool.  Vivian loves her big brother Ike!

 Vivian loves a game of keep away with Greg.  She will grab a stick, he will pretend he wants it and then she flies around the yard at full poodle speed.   There is just something so beautiful about a standard poodle running full on; I am going to have to get the video camera out again and capture it.   The good news is that all that recall we worked on worked, so she always comes back despite how much fun she is having.  

 Of course the big news of June was that Vivian took second place in the Outward Hound  photo contest.  Thanks everybody for voting, I have now retired my pageant mom hat.  I will not be starring in a reality show called “Poodle Moms”  although I know a lot of poodle moms that would make it interesting!   What about a reality show about dog shows ?  I wonder if anyone has run that one up the reality TV flagpole?  This  Real Housewife of Swift would definitely watch that!

Anna July 4, 2000

 Next week is the fourth of July.  Anna had a love hate relationship with the fourth.  She loved walking to the point and seeing all the festivities and the kids who came up and asked “Can I pet your big poodle?” however she hated the fireworks.   Vivian and Ike probably won’t be going to town for the parade if it stays this warm, but they will enjoy having us home midweek and my guess is that there will be a trip to town for a hot dog and ice cream because after all the theme of this summer is FUN!!