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Growing up, poodle style

ImageOver the past month, I have really seen Vivian mature.  She turned one and it was as if she decided, “I am a big girl now!”  Oh, do not get me wrong, she has her moments of sheer silliness and continues to aggravate Ike when given the opportunity but signs of maturity are seen on a daily basis.

 Do you remember all those early posts when I talked continually about recall?  Well, we got her there.  She comes when called each and every time now; yesterday when I was playing ball with her Greg pulled into the driveway.   If a poodle’s face can light up, hers did.  “Greg, Ike!! They are home!!” is what she was thinking I am sure as she turned to run toward the pick-up truck.  “Vivian, come!” I called and around she turned running back to me, all the while looking over her shoulder to make sure the truck did not turn around and leave her again!   So it was not the prettiest recall, but she came to me and that is all that mattered.

 It is fun to have a poodle that hangs out with me outside without having to be on a lead.  We do have a fenced area, where the pups go out in the morning or when we are not outside with them.  I am not a big believer in tempting fate and we do have wildlife around here that I do not think they need to tangle with. 

 Another grown up fun thing that Vivian has learned about is fishing.  She went for the first time a couple of weeks ago and was a rock star fishing poodle.  She wore her shocking pink life vest without complaint and was intrigued by the seagulls and other boats.  I was afraid she might try to jump out and walk on water over for a visit, but she stayed in the boat and after a few hours, she lay down and took a nap next to Ike.   She looked so cute in her life vest that I put her in a contest sponsored by the life vest manufacturer, Outward Hound.  Voting continues until Sunday and right now, she is in a three way run for the money with Rocket and Miss Paisley. 

Finally yet importantly, we have a new groomer in town.  Vivian had an appointment on Tuesday and she was so shaggy!  Mary, the groomer did a fabulous job and Vivian, being a typical poodle was very happy with her new do.  She knew she looked good.  I was just pleased that she was so good for Mary!   We are hoping to go visit the nursing home for the first time in the next few days.  You cannot let a great haircut go to waste!

 Exactly a year ago Anna died.  I still mess up sometimes and call Vivian, Anna.  I still miss her and her quirks.   Anna taught me so much and Vivian is a better poodle because of that.  I would have said a “better dog”, but Vivian does not realize she is a dog.  

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