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I love a good book

And one with poodles in it is even better!   Several months ago I wrote about my poodle list, the one I have been a member of since 1997.   It was really my first introduction into “electronic relationships”.  Of course most of you are thinking about online dating, when I say relationship, but I am just referring to crazy poodle people talking to each other via email about poodles.  I am not sure that online dating was around in 1997…it must not have been,  because I was 39, single and lonely in Cleveland Ohio, I surely would have given it a try!  But I digress.

One of the crazy poodle people is a lovely lady named Lynn Franklin and she is a writer.  A real one.  She writes books not just blogs.  Cooler yet, she is a mystery writer!  And she knows all about gemstones!  Books and gemstones, two of my most favorite things in the world.  Did I mention the poodle connection?  She has a standard poodle named Sam and there is a poodle named Rory in her mystery book about a blue diamond!!  

So years ago Lynn told the list she was going to write a book, and she did!  Here it is!   It is a great book and you can download it onto your kindle from Amazon.com.  I think this is so cool, since I have always been a “dream about it” writer,  but never a “do it” writer.  And fiction is totally out of my league.  So congratulations to Lynn and I am hoping she is hard at work on the next one, as I am anxious to read it!

As for my own crazy poodle and her adorable brother Ike?  They are doing well.  Vivian has graduated from being in the crate during the day to getting to hang out with Ike while we are at work.  So far no issues, although Greg had me swear that I would accept all responsibility if something happened.   Knock on the computer keyboard, all has gone well and other than a few toys moving from room to room, I have seen no evidence of mischief while we are away.   I  believe she is enjoying watching the birds while we are at work.

When Ike is waiting for Greg he takes over my chair as it has the best view of the road and driveway.  Somehow Vivian manages to squeeze herself on to the ottoman.  I am not sure she can see much as she is overdue for a trip to the groomer!

Every time I post a picture I think that I really should only take pictures when the house is clean; however if I did that there would be no pictures.  I have priorities, they are Ike, Vivian, Greg and my books.  I do love a good book.

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