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Vivian at 8 months

I decided I better write a quick blog over lunch today or I will have gone an entire month without documenting life with Vivian!  This has been a big month for Viv.  As I wrote about last month, the decision was made to take Vivian to a groomer in Bemidji, rather than groom her myself.   On January 7th, Greg, Vivian, Ike and I headed off in our new car for the groomer, 2 and a half hours away.  (Suffice it to say, we live way up here for the walleyes, the hockey, the great jobs and the scenery, not because it is convenient!)  

Vivian and Ike spent most of the ride arguing over who got which window seat and who had more room!  Reminds me of trips when we were kids!  At one point Vivian even pulled down the seat divider!  I would like to think that it was her poodle smarts that caused her to do that, but it is more likely that the new leather smell had gotten to her and if not caught she would have chewed on it!  Unfortunately our beautiful weather, perfect roads decided to pick that morning to get icey and to snow!  Nonetheless we journeyed on, as a grooming appointment on a Saturday is not an easy thing to obtain!

Vivian was a little nervous going into the shop,  but soon realized they had treats and other dogs to meet!  Ike had to follow us in to see where Viv was going, but seemed relieved that he didn’t have to stay with her.  A few hours later, and a trunk full of groceries and other assorted items we didn’t realize we needed until we saw them Vivian was groomed!   When I picked her up she was happily chasing a springer spaniel around the shop and didn’t seem to have much time for me.  There was a big standard poodle and her owner in the shop, and I did get questioned about whether or not Ike was fixed.  I assured her that there were no doodles in our future!

Next on Vivian’s January to-do list was getting spayed.  So off we drove to International Falls, about 90 miles southeast of us on Wednesday January 25th.  Did I mention we don’t live here because things are convenient?  We left at early thirty so that she could be dropped off by 8:30 Am.  She and Ike seemed to have found their comfort zone in the backseat, and Vivian pretty much slept the entire way there.  After weighing in at 41 lbs; she walked in back with Dr. Nicholson and I cried.     We were home and back at work by 11 AM!   She rocked the surgery and Dr. Hasbargen brought her in the van back to Warroad the next morning.  Our little conehead was home and Ike was delighted to see her, but quite afraid of the cone.   I realized soon enough that the cone would have to stay on,  just like the doctor said and that keeping her from jumping, leaping, twirling and running was going to be harder than I expected!  Crate training is your friend, really!  It took two hours before it dawned on me to  put her in her crate, as that is where she takes her afternoon nap everyday why wouldn’t I put her in there the day after surgery!  First though I did have to cut the cone down a tad as it was way too long and didn’t fit in the crate!

All in all an eventful month.  The video is of Viv helping Greg shovel a couple of weeks ago.  She might be 41 pounds, but she is still all puppy!  I always say when a puppy comes to our house they have hit the jackpot; but mostly I think we have!

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