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It is not a problem if you can solve it with a check…

Vivian is now six months old.  She is a big girl; almost as tall as Ike and my guess is about 40 lbs, although Greg thinks more in the 45 range.  She is all muscle and still a flying machine!   She currently looks like a small bear cub; which is cute, but I long to see that pretty poodle face.   Every weekend I get out the clippers, get out the treats and start the process of trying to clip Viv.  I just can’t do it.  She is unhappy, I am unhappy, she is frustrated, I am frustrated and we stop.

  There is a reason I am not one of those “breeder, owner, handlers” you see at Westminster; I just don’t have the patience.  I am actually friends with at least one “breeder, owner, handler” and I think  not only am I not patient enough, I am just too lazy to do that.  Poodle hair is a full-time job…and  I don’t do human hair why would I do poodle hair?   So where am I going with all this? 

 Well my original decision to groom this puppy all by myself has changed; Vivian is going to the groomer!  Yes, if I can have my reoccurring moments of hair styling bliss, so can she.  She deserves a professional “do” and to look like the poodle of excellent breeding that she is.  So off to the groomer we go!  Luckily there is a very good groomer just 2 and a half hours away, who has standard poodle experience!  She groomed Anna a few times, and her business partner has standard poodles.  She assures me that she hasn’t met a puppy she can’t groom and I am going to believe her.  She even works on Saturdays so we don’t have to take a day off.

  The other good news is that we have a new car with great gas mileage so the road trip won’t hurt too much, and while Vivi gets groomed we can shop and have lunch and make a day of it.  As I write this I hear my poodle friends saying “tsk, tsk Peggy you are fully capable of grooming your own dog” and my big city friends saying ” A road trip to Bemidji is fun?” and my local friends saying “Lucky you, they have a Target in Bemidji!”   Which just goes to show you that I am very blessed to have such a diverse group of friends.  

Poodle plus Groomer plus willing husband driver plus cash; problem solved! Pictures to follow….

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