Snow, snuggling and Thanksgiving

Vivian has discovered snow!  She seems to like the cold stuff, if the white muzzle she sports everytime she comes in the house is any indication!  Unlike when Ike was a young one, she has not discovered a puppy appetite for “Poopsicles”, which makes me very happy!  

One of the reasons I decided to get Vivian this summer, even though I thought it was a bit soon after Anna had died, was that I did not want to be training a wee one in the snow.  This past week has shown me that it was a wise decision.  Viv enjoys being out in our fenced yard by herself and will entertain herself while Ike and I stay warm inside.  Right after work, while the sun is still out we take a walk or four around the house and play fetch….which right now is a game where Peggy throws the ball/rope contraption; Vivi runs after said contraption; Vivi runs back to Peggy without contraption; Peggy walks to contraption and we start all over again.  I need to google, “teaching a dog to fetch” as Viv certainly does not have the concept figured out.  When Viv gets tired of me throwing the contraption she graps it and runs around the house as fast as she can go, with of course the requisite jump over the straw pile.  She does love to jump!

Vivian turned six months old this week and has decided that she is a lap dog.  She does not care if you are at the computer, watching TV, reading a book or eating dinner.  If she is in the mood she will jump on your lap!  I guess we need to work on “being invited to snuggle” versus, “come on up whenever you feel like it!”  There is still so much to learn when you are just six months old.

This week she will learn about Thanksgiving with a house full of new  humans to meet and win over.  I like to think that she is thankful for getting us as her very own people.  I know I am thankful for all the poodles who have been in my life, my two golden boys, and this new little puppy girl.   And I am thankful for Greg, who loves me and loves our dogs.