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By Leaps and Bounds!

Air Vivian

I am fascinated by the sport of Agility for dogs.  I love to watch you tube videos of dogs competing and am excited when I run across agility shows on TV.   I have poodle friends who compete and I especially love watching their videos and hearing about their poodle antics.   As I have said before poodles are smart and can learn a lot; but they also have free will and a lot of it!  My favorite video was one a poodle list friend put together of all the times her poodle decided to not follow her directions and just take another route.  I think the music she had with it was “Girls just want to have fun” or something to that effect.   I think I liked it because her poodle just looked so joyous and all you could do was laugh.  Agility is tough competition, but everyone always looks like first and foremost they are having fun.  We live too far north for Vivian to train for agility.  I would probably have to travel over two hours to find a club for classes, so we just do our own version of  Northwoods agility.   Last week Greg finished putting the flax straw over the pump and sewer system.  For the uninformed, it can get to minus 40 degrees here in the winter and we have to do some extra insulating of things so they don’t freeze.   The straw is about 2 feet wide and about a foot and a half tall.   The other day I was on one side of the straw and Vivian was playing with Ike on the other.   I called for Viv to come with me on my walk and she began to run, taking the straw pile with ease, toes pointed and ears streaming behind her and continued on to serpentine through the pine trees, before jumping the ditch and sticking the landing at the front door.   Last night we continued to hone her skills with yet another game of fishing for monkeys.   As you can see, she is earning her new nickname, Air Vivian!

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