It is all about Vivian

Vivian and Ike just hanging out

Hard to believe it has been over a week since Vivian came to our house.  She has decided to stay and is taking over every inch of the space.  She has her favorite places to sleep when not in her crate; under Peg or Greg’s chair, in the kitchen next to the food dishes or on Ike’s bed.  However,  her all time favorite place is next to Ike or on top of him if he will allow it.    Her favorite toy continues to be monkey or any toy that Ike is carrying around.  She continues to rock the “sit” command and can do “down” when she feels like it.  My experience with poodles is that they learn really fast, but  can give you some attitude when practicing.  She absolutely understands going outside to potty; just hasn’t quite gotten the signal down yet.  This morning, she found a little space under the fence and flattened herself out like a vole and went right through!  There I was running through the yard after Vivian while she took off for the soybean field.  That was a five AM wake up call I didn’t really need, but wow did Viv look happy with herself once I caught up with her!  Tonight we fix a fence.