New Monkey Games

It has been one week since we went to pick up Vivian.  She is more fun than I could have imagined and Ike continues to step up to the plate in his new big brother role.  He has growled a couple of times when she has stepped out of bounds, but all in all he is incredibly patient with her.   She has the “sit” command down to a science. She is a poodle, so  has figured out that she has to sit for a treat and therefore why not just sit next to the treat jar anytime you pass through the kitchen, just in case?  So yesterday we practiced sitting in the living room, the bedroom, outside, for praise and not just treats.   We have also been working on coming when called.  Pretty good until…there’s a bug, there’s a stick, there’s a toy, there’s a piece of kibble Ike missed, there’s IKE!!!!   Distractions aplenty when you are only 9 weeks old.   Greg came up with the very best “wear out the puppy” game.  He tied Valley Fair Monkey, not to be confused with orange Monkey, to a fishing line and casts monkey out for Ike and Vivian to chase.  In about a half hour last night I took 108 pictures of Monkey Play!  Here is a favorite.

Fishing for Puppies