What is he thinking?

After spending most of yesterday alone with Ike and Vivian I find myself wondering, “What is Ike thinking?”  I have been calling Ike the demonstration dog, as he has patiently gone out each and every time Vivian has, and demonstrates “sit” when getting a treat.  I tried to have him demonstrate the “lay down” command, and then realized we may have failed to teach him that one, as he looked at me quizzically and continued just to sit.  Yesterday was the first day Ike actually seemed happy to have another non-Anna poodle in the house.  He played tug with her, and actually let her lay on top of him; which of course ended as soon as I took out a camera.  The highlight of my morning was when we went out front to chase the ball a bit and Ike actually played chase with Vivian!  Ike smiles when he is happy, really he does!  He wrinkles up his nose and opens his mouth and smiles.  We get the wrinkles when we come home from work and sometimes when we get up in the morning or just appear unexpectedly in a room he is in.  Yesterday Vivian and I got the wrinkles while they were playing chase.  As he zoomed around the yard, cutting in front and behind Viv he was wrinkling all the time.  And in that moment I knew I had done the right thing.  My puppy boy is happy again.

Anna and Ike, July 2008