Shhh, she’s sleeping!

I have never had a baby; but I am pretty sure there is a reason younger women than I have babies!  As I write this, I am  just worn out and it is only 7 AM!  I should lay back down and rest, as Vivian is in her crate and Ike asleep on his bed;  but I am forcing myself to stay awake  because I will have to return to work where nap taking at your desk is frowned upon.   Must get use to the new schedule, although right now who is determining the schedule is yet to be resolved.   Viv and Ike spent yesterday getting to know one another and Ike seems, if not enamoured of her, to at least tolerate her.  Sometimes he even looks happy to have her around to play with!  I think that when she gets bigger and can get as good as she gives, he will find her more fun.    He is definitely enjoying having me running around the front yard multiple times a day.  I start running, he chases, Vivian follows, they both pass me and then turn around and look at me with facial expressions that either say, “Hurry up” or “Gee, I hope she doesn’t have a heart attack!”.   I will admit, running around the yard with dogs is way more fun then the exercise bicycle in the family room!  So we begin day 4, Vivian style…I better go take a shower while she is still sleeping!