Monkey Thief Vivian


It has been confirmed, Anna did teach Ike how to share his toys; but he isn’t quite as good about sharing his dad!  Greg, Ike and I left at 11 AM yesterday to pick up Vivian in Nisswa MN.  Her breeder met us there, so by the time we got there at 4 PM, little Viv had been traveling for a good three hours.  We made the exchange in the parking lot of a restaurant; one puppy and one bag full of “puppy stuff”.  Viv and I sat in the back seat, and Ike rode shotgun up front with Monkey.   She was an awesome traveler and we made great time going home.  Ike pretty much ignored her all the way home, only occasionally looking over the seat to see if she really was still there.   Once home though he warmed up to her and graciously showed her the backyard.  She knew immediately what to do!  After exploring the house she and Ike headed outside to chase some balls, pull on mom’s pants leg, drink out of the hose and roll in the grass.  A good time was had by all.   Back inside, Ike discovered Vivian’s new elephant and Vivian discovered Monkey.  Vivian also discovered Ike’s tail and we discovered that Ike can actually get mad; she won’t be chomping on that tail again any time soon.    After a long hard day of travel and learning the ropes in her new home, she slept through the night, cozy and safe in her new crate.