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Ike’s toys

Ike and his Winnie

Ike has been the lucky little bro of Anna for three years.  Over those years various gifts have been given to both of them.  Anna would receive the gift, appropriately prance around with it in her mouth, wag her tail and lay down.  After that show of thanks the gift, unless it was a bone, became Ike’s.  He has a fox, two monkeys, a bear and more pillows than one dog really needs.  He also has four tennis balls; at least that is how many are visible, I didn’t count the outside balls or the under the couch balls.   As I have previously said, Anna was good at sharing.  As I write this Ike is walking around with Monkey in his mouth, just in case some notorious monkey thief comes into the house and tries to grab him!  Little does he know that in about six hours there will be a little monkey stealer here permanently.   I will be interested to see  if  Anna taught him anything about sharing; or hiding things where a little puppy can’t reach! 

One thought on “Ike’s toys

  1. What a great picture of Ike with his Pooh…little does he know what lies ahead in his world!

    Can’t wait to see a picture of the little one!


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