2 thoughts on “270082_10150247728983117_543143116_7413954_8148616_n[1]

  1. Well it’s delightful to put a face to a name, Peggy. And Anna sure was a beautiful girl. I don’t usually go for “adornments” in dog fur, but she could really rock those feathers! I look forward to puppy tales with your precious Vivian (Is that the name you settled on?)
    -Barb ‘n Yogi

    • It was the fourth of July…she was going to the parade! She didn’t mind the bandanas, but the bows in the ears never lasted long! Ike is strictly an au’naturale kind of guy! Please note the date on the picture…the face is 11 years older. You will see a newer one soon! Hello to Yogi!

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