One month and a new beginning

Anna and Peggy, July 4, 2000

A month ago today my beautiful standard poodle Anna died. She had spent 15 and a half years with me; through job changes, unemployment (which frankly she adored, me not so much) and the big move to the little town in the Northwoods. She personally approved Greg as a beau, and I know thought we waited entirely too long to get married and live together. When Ike came into our lives 3 years ago, she took it upon herself to train him…potty training, garbage man barking and how to be a world-class couch potato. He misses her, as do I.  I really thought that I could be a one dog family but Ike is very much his daddy’s boy and I am very much lonely for a four-legged friend that prefers to stay with me when the boys go out to do “man’s work”. I know Anna would approve of a new companion for me. She wasn’t the jealous type; always graciously letting Ike get ahead of her to go through the door, or get the petting. The only thing she wouldn’t share was her ice cream! Tomorrow we get Vivian…and she will have the advantage that Anna did not; a house in the country, a human dad, a four-legged brother, a mom who doesn’t travel, a Nana next door, and everything Anna taught me about love and being open to what it will bring you. I love and miss you Anna girl.